New created malwares daily


days were IT systems of a hospital down due to a ransomware attack


BOT infections in Germany

" The state of IT Security stays in Germany in 2021 still critical "

— The German Federal Office for Information Security

SAMIMI | Cybersecurity Strategies & Solutions | Critical gap


You are not alone,We support you by:

Awareness Campaign

Individual spear-phishing simulation und employees awareness including issuing management friendly reports.

Penetration Testing

Detecting vulnerabilites as well as misconfiguration in your environment/product using different security testing approaches such as penetration testing and adversary emulation.

Secure Software Development

Offering secure code trainings for your developers.

Threat Intelligence

Integration or extend the capabilities of your security monitoring capabilities by implementing SIEM, SOAR, and intelligence-based threat analysis according to the most recent attack method observations.

Security in Cryptocurrency

Clear presentation of threats in crypto world at different levels including blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

IT-Security Consulting

Supporting your organisation in auditing and assessments according to the current regulations such as ISO 2700 und IEC 62443.

Payam Samimi | Founder

Digital and Secure!

As a SANS certified cyber security consultants, I focus on your security in the digital world. According to your requirements as well as your individual business impact caused by cyber security attacks, I support your in different fields such as threat analysis, integration of IDS, SIEM and SOC solutions, choose the most approprate cryptography algorithms for your usecases, integration of AI in your security monitoring environment and performing security testing methods.
I will tackle your challenges to provide the perfect solution for your requirements.

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